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Everyone has a desire to know about their destiny, maybe you would too. So read this article till the last, it is especially for you. In this article, we will discuss further about Fate Line or Luck Line. What is Fate Line, where it is located, types of Fate Line, effects of fate line on your life, and many more.


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Now Let’s Jump Right into Fate Line Palmistry Guide for Males & Females Both. 


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According to palmistry, The fate line present in your palm has the highest importance after the Life Line . Yes, my Lovely readers, you heard it right. Fate Line is also known as Luck Line. The fate line reveals many areas of your destiny, this line gives you an indication of education, success, financial status, and authority.

bhagya rekha


People who have a fate line on their palms, such people are considered very lucky in terms of career, success, and growth. But there are some people on whose palms you will not see this line at all. Which doesn’t make you an unlucky person.


2. Where is the Fate Line located on Palm?


According to palmists, a fate line or luck line can emerge from any place on your palm. But if we talk about the auspicious fate line, then it emerges from the Mandibandha area (which is the starting point of your palm) and reaches directly under the middle finger, touching the Saturn Mount, then it is called the most auspicious fate or luck line.

bhagya rekha

  • For Males – Examine Right Hand
  • For Females – Examine Left Hand


3. Types of Fate Line or Luck Line in Hand


i. Auspicious Fate Line in Hand :

As you read above, the fate line can emerge from anywhere on your palm. But the auspicious one emerges from the Mandibandha area (the starting point of your palm) and reaches directly under the middle finger, touching the Saturn Mount. This type of Fate Line is considered very lucky.

  • If it is not cut by any line or doesn’t have any defect then it will benefit you in several ways. In terms of career, success, job, growth & money.
  • If it is defective or cut by any line it may slow down the effect or growth in career, business, job or even in financial stability.

ii. Broken Fate Line in Hand –

  • If the fate line is broken on the palm and moves forward to the Saturn mount, then its effect is reduced.
  • It is not that you will not get progress, or you will not succeed in your job/career or business.
  • A broken fate line only means that you may have to struggle a little more.
  •  A break from the base of the palm indicates a rough childhood and academic disruption at a young age.

A break on the fate line from the middle of the palm indicates setbacks in career and property loss after the prime of life.

  • An intermittent fate line indicates twists and turns in a career. You are always half-hearted when doing work. So, you are easy to change a job during your life. The gap usually indicates a change of job.



iii. Double Fate Line in Hand – 

Double fate is quite rare. The results of having two fate lines in the palm can be both auspicious and inauspicious, depending on the texture of this line. Often people have double fate lines on their palms.

  • In this situation, the first line is big and the second fate line is small running parallelly, representing support from family members.
  • The minor fate line is considered helpful to the major fate line.
  • If there is a double fate line on your palm, the person has two sources of income.
  • Those people whose second fate line starts right in front of the Moon Mount, then such people are financially prosperous.
  • If your fate line starts from the mandibandha area and the second fate line emerges from the Moon Mount and touches the heart line then such people are very rich in luck.


iv. No Fate Line in Hand-

What if you do not have fate life on both of your palms? Does that mean you will not succeed? Or You will not be Lucky in terms of wealth?

Well, There’s Nothing to Worry About.

  • No Fate Line indicates frequent changes in career, job, or business. This also indicates financial instability.
  • If you do not have a fate line on your palm, but your life, mind, and heart line are perfect, then you can be as lucky as those who have a fate line on their palms.
  • This line keeps changing after a certain period of time so is destiny.

v. Forked Fate Line in Hand –


If you have a forked fate line, where the first branch stops at Saturn mount, the branch goes straight to Jupiter mount and the third branch moves forward towards the sun mount, it makes a trident or trishul on your fate line.

  • Such people are considered very lucky, famous, and rich.
  • A fork starting from the base of the palm and extending to the Mount of the Sun and the other to the Mount of Venus indicates an excessive desire and disturbed fortune in life.

vi. Chained Fate Line in Hand –


Chained Fate Line is not very common. It depends on where the chain has started and leads to where.

  •  If your fate line is chained at the beginning of the fate line, it indicates an unhappy environment that majorly impacts your studies.
  • If the line is chained at the end, it shows you about your career setback during old age time. You would suffer financial losses too.


vi. Fate Line stops at Mind line in Hand –


If your fate line comes out of the wrist and stops on the mind line, then you lead a normal happy life for 35 years, later you may have to struggle hard.

vii. Fate Line Stops at Heart Line in Hand –


  • If you find the fate line ends at the heart line, it means your career is affected by your emotions.
  • You usually let your emotions interfere with your career or rule business decisions.
  • It also indicates a career decline from the age of 50.

viii. Fate Line stops at Sun Mount –


If the fate line starts from the Moon region and goes towards the Sun region, then the person is rich, popular, gets benefits from friends, and knows art skills.

ix. Fate Line Stops at Saturn Mount –

  • If the fate line has reached the Saturn region and is not touching the wrist, then the person builds his fortune and personality with his hard work.
  • If the fate line goes up to the Saturn region and emerges from the center of the palm, then the initial life of the person is spent suffering.
  • If the fate line has come together with the life line, which has reached the Saturn region, then fortune comes from one’s own hard work.
  • If your fate line originates from Venus and reaches the Saturn region, then you will get lucky with the help of friends and relatives.

x. Fate Line Stops at Jupiter Mount –


  • If your fate line starts from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Jupiter (located below the forefinger), it indicates good fame for the good use of power.
  • You are usually in power and could exploit your advantages to the full to wield the power.
  • Therefore, you could gain a good reputation in your lifetime.

4. Conclusion


We all agree that palmistry tells a lot about your life. But if there is no fate line on your palm, it does not mean that you will not be able to progress in life.

There are some people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but there are some people who make their fortune by rising from the soil. You can achieve a lot by keeping faith in your deeds and believing in your hard work.

“One of the differences between some successful and unsuccessful people is that one group is full of doers, while the other is full of wishers.” —Edmond Mbiaka

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