Life Line in hand

Palm Reading – Life Line in Hand for Male & Female

What is Life Line ? How to read Life Line ? In this article, we will talk about life line in hand for male & female, where it is located, its effects and its significance. 

With the help of Palm Reading, one can find out about our past, present and future from the lines and marks on the palm. T

Believe it or not, understanding the basics of palm reading — including the life line, heart line, mind line or love line — isn’t as difficult as you might think.


  • For Male – Examine Right Hand
  • For Female – Examine Left Hand

Life Line in Palmistry


i. Where Life Line is Located ?

Experts of palmistry believe that the life line surrounds the Mount of Venus just below the thumb. According to the palmist , The importance of life line tells about the ideology and energy of a person’s life.

As per Palm Reading, Life line tells whether there can be any serious illness or accident in your life (for example, cataclysmic events, physical injuries etc).

ii. What does the life line represent ?

  • If the life line is flawless from beginning to end and has gone till the wrist,  then it gives information about good health.
  • If this chain is like a ladder or wide, then it is a sign of poor health. In the beginning, wherever it is in this condition, it remains bad at that time.
  • If a subtle line rises or reaches from this line towards Jupiter, then it is a sign of imagination and sensitivity. If these two lines do not meet in the beginning and are close to each other, then it indicates rationality and intelligence.
  • If the life line is deep, Jupiter Mount is Bulging out, the index finger is long, the tips of all the fingers are round, strong and in good position, then the person likes poor food. It is at risk of heart disease.
  • If a line coming out of Saturn’s area is cut through it, then in that period of time where the line is being cut, a serious health crisis arises.
  • If the small lines starting from Venus are touching the life line, one or many women bring joy and happiness. If these lines cross it and go beyond it, then you have to suffer loss due to love affair.

Life Line in Palmistry


  • If life line lines are also touching the fate line then there is progress of luck but if they are cutting the fate line then there is both failure and loss of luck. Physical pain can also be found.
  • If the life line crosses the second part of Mars and goes to the Moon region instead of going to the Maniband (starting place of wrist) from Venus, then it is a sign of severe suffering for the woman. This crisis can also be a mental trauma, due to which the whole life of that person will be disturbed.
  • If the Mars line is also running parallel to the life line on the Venus area or meeting the life line, then the person has good health and longevity.

iii. Conclusion

In Palm reading, there are three main lines, life line, heart line and head line. In this article we talked about life line, importance of life line, its effect and its location. A different significance of each line has been told in palmistry, which tells about each area of life in different ways, such as job, career, marriage, success, kids, etc.

Every line matters and are also known to have good and bad effects.

The scope of palmistry is to guide and tell about life and events. Not everything can be told. If you discuss your problems in detail a palmist may be able to guide you better.