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Palm Reading – How to Read Your Palm Lines ?

What is Palmistry or Palm Reading ? Do you know how to read palm ? Well, here is the answer. In this article, we will discuss the main and major line in palmistry and their significance. Also, you’ve got covered if your are looking an easy way to read your palm lines online.

Who doesn’t want to know about their future, success, marriage, wealth, job or career. Everybody is looking for the answer and the answer is right there in your palm.

Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is a mystical art practiced all over the world. It has its roots in Indian astrology and Roman fortune-telling, but you can hop into this ancient tradition today.

Believe it or not, understanding the basics of palm reading — including the life line, heart line, mind line or love line — isn’t as difficult as you might think.


  • For Male – Examine Right Hand
  • For Female – Examine Left Hand


1. Life Line in Hand

The encirclement of the life line is in the lower region of the thumb. Venus also has a place there. The life line starts between the index finger and the thumb and reaches the wrist. According to palmists, it reflects physical health, general well-being, and major life changes (for example, cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocation). Its length is not associated with length of life.

Life Line in Palmistry

  • If the life line in hand is long, thin, clean and without any obstruction, then it is considered auspicious.
  • If one or many small lines are crossing the life line, then it is not a good sign. Difficulties and diseases remain in the life of such people.
  • A black spot on the life line is considered inauspicious. When this happens, there is a possibility of accident. Mole and cross mark also indicate accident.
  • If a branch from the life line rises towards the Mount of Saturn (the part below the middle finger is called Mount of Saturn) and is seen running along the fate line, it means that the person will get the benefit of wealth.
  • If there is a slight difference between the head line (the head line and the life line start at almost the same place) and the life line, then the person is free-thinking or independent thinker.

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2. Mind Line or Head Line in Hand

The head line or mind line is the second most important line in palmistry. The head line is called the intelligence or mind line, but it also tells about emotionality. Through this line, you can know whether the person is more interested in creative works or is firm in logic.

Head Lines indicates your career field, communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge.

According to palmistry, it is located horizontally between the thumb and forefinger above the life line.


Head Line in Palmistry


  • According to palmistry, if the head line is long, straight and clear, then such a person is very intelligent. Such people have good ability to think and understand.
  • According to palmistry, people whose head line and life line have a slight difference, their thoughts are very independent.
  • On the other hand, those people who have more distance between the head line and life line, they do any work without thinking. These people do not think much before doing any work.
  • The head line in the hand moves almost adjacent to the lifeline from one edge and if the difference between these two lines can be clearly seen, then such people are sharp minded. It is said that such people are multi talented.
  • People whose head line is starting from Mars are more angry and quarrelsome. Such head line shows the temporary and changeable nature of the person.


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3. Heart Line in Hand

One of the major lines present on the palm is the heart line. This line can go from the bottom of the little finger to any area and can be related to any line. The end of this line is under the Jupiter mount, that is, the finger near the thumb.

If this line is related to the right lines then the person is considered very lucky.


Heart Line in Palmistry


  • The clear, deep and unbroken heart line in the palm is considered the luckiest line. There is a lot of self-confidence in such people and they keep walking on the path of success with their understanding.
  • If the heart line on the palm reaches directly to Saturn Mount without any defect, then such person is very honest and has many monetary sources.
  • If the heart line meets the head line on the palm, then such a person only listens to his mind and walks on the right path.
  • If the heart line goes up to the Mount of Jupiter and there is also a trident sign on it, then such a person is very cultured, virtuous and loyal. Lord Shiva blessings always shower on such people.
  • According to palmistry, is heart line is broken in the middle, indicates a person getting cheated in love. Such people falls in love frequently. Their relationships are not constant.

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4. Fate Line in Hand –

According to palmistry, the fate line is one of the major palmistry lines on hands. It is a vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. The starting point can be anywhere from the base of the palm (most of the people find it begins from the middle part).

The fate line can originate from anywhere in the palm. The fate line can tell about many areas of your destiny, this line gives you an indication of education, success, financial status and Raja Yoga. By having a good fate line, a person gets wealth, wealth, happiness and respect.

fate Line in Palmistry

  • If the fate line runs without any defect and without being cut or broken and reaches Saturn Mount, is considered very auspicious. That person is very lucky. Such a person is very ambitious and focused on the goal.
  • If the fate line breaks and moves forward on the palm or is cut at many places, then such a person has to face difficulties. The effect of which can also be seen in situations.
  • Having two fate lines on the hand is considered very auspicious. This is a very case. People who have two fate lines in their hands do not face any kind of problems in life. They lead a luxurious life
  • If the fate line starts from the Moon Mount and goes straight towards the Saturn Mount, then such person takes help from others to accomplish their goals. They are dependent on others.  However, such persons have very good fortune.
  • If the fate line in the palm gets divided after reaching Saturn Mount and one line reaches below the Jupiter mount, then such a person is of philanthropic nature. A person with such a line is expected to get a high position and prestige in life.

5. Marriage Line in Hand

The marriage line reveals many secrets about your married life and love life also. This is a line that indicates, how will be your married life, whether it will be love marriage or arranged marriage, what challenges you will have to face, when will you get married, how will your life partner be. Marriage Line is also considered as love line.

The location of marriage line is on the edge of the palm between the root of the little finger and the heart line and on the edge of the palm that is bent towards the inner part. This line is called marriage line as well as love line.

Marriage Line in Palmistry

  • If the marriage line on the palm is clear, deep and moves forward without any defect, such people lead a happy married life.
  • Those people who have a clear marriage line in hand and another line from the moon mount touches the marriage line, then such people are very lucky.  They get rich life partner & get a lot of wealth and property from their in-laws.
  • If the marriage line on the palm is near the heart line, then marriage takes place at a young age, and if the marriage line is in the middle on Mercury mount, then marriage takes place in at the age near 25.  If the marriage line is near the little finger, then marriage takes place between the ages of 28 and 35.
  • If marriage line is light and thin, such people are not very serious towards their life partner. These people have more than one love affair. There is a possibility of their having an affair even after marriage.
  • Those who have 2 identical marriage lines on their hand, there is a possibility of getting 2 marriages. Such a person has a lot of love for both their partners.

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6. Sun Line in Hand –

Very special importance has been given to the sun line in palmistry. The presence of this line on the palm gives the person luxurious life. This line starts from any part of the palm and goes till the Sun Mount which is located under the ring finger of the hand. Sun line signifies prestige, success, fame, personality in your life. Sun line is also a sign of leading a rich and luxurious life.

Sun Line in Palmistry

  • If the Sun line is in a good position and the fate line is blurred, this situation eliminates the defect of fate line.
  • If the sun line originates from the heart line, then such person gets wealth and success after the age of 55.
  • If the Sun line originates from the Moon region, then the imagination power of the native is strong. Such people are bright, intelligent, knowledgeable in scientific subjects and happy in nature.
  • If the sun line originates from the head line, then the person accumulates fame, prestige, wealth, honour etc. with his intelligence.
  • If the sun line is running in three small or big branches at the end point, then the benefit of fame, respect, prestige etc. is excessively received.

7. Child Line in Hand –

Every married couple wishes to have a child soon. You can find out about child happiness by looking at your palm, what kind of line is this, by which you can know whether there is child happiness in your life or not, or how many children you will have, whether it will be a son or a daughter, you can know all this from this line.

Child lines are small lines on the edge of the palm running towards the little finger and above on the marriage line.

Child Line in Palmistry

  • The child line is not visible on everyone’s hand. If it is not in your hand then it is not a good sign.
  • If the child line runs without any defects, thn it reduces the defects of the life line.
  • If the child line is broken, wavy, torn, then it obstructs the auspicious effect of the life line.
  • The Child line can arise from birth or from any period in life.

8. Health Line in Hand –

The line Running from the wrist, life line, Venus area or Moon area, going towards the root of the little finger i.e. Mercury area is called health line.

Health Line in Palmistry
  • If the health line starts from the life line, then it is an indicator of bad health.
  • Thin, wavy, yellow, broken, health line is an indicator of weak health.
  • Is health line Originating from the middle part of the palm and ending at the mercury area, is an indicator of good health.
  • If the health line starts from the fate line, then the compatibility of health has a good effect on luck..
  • If the flawless health line starts from the Moon region and ends at the Mercury region and is separated from the life line, then health is considered good.

9. What are the other lines in Palm Reading ?

Apart from the main lines in palmistry, there are many such lines which describe many different areas of life. All these small lines are also known to have both good and bad effects. These Lines include :

  • Mars Line
  • Mercury line
  • Jupiter line
  • Venus line
  • Saturn line
  • Other mars lines
  • Wrist lines
  • Bracelet Lines
  • Lunar lines
  • Rahu lines
  • Excursion lines
  • Mystical cross
  • Lust lines
  • Intuition lines and even smaller lines like that.

10. Conclusion

Palmistry is reading all aspects of one’s palm to tell about the past present and future of a person. This article was a whole information to a beginner guide to palm reading. Every line explained quite well and easily, and one can easily read their palm lines online.

Every line matters and are also known to have good and bad effects.

The scope of palmistry is to guide and tell about life and events. Not everything can be told. If you discuss your problems in detail a palmist may be able to guide you better.

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