Marriage lin in hand - types of marriage line in hand

Palm reading – Types of Marriage Line in Hand for Male & Female

Let’s Examine your Marriage Line or Love Line. In this article, we will discuss in detail about MARRIAGE LINE. Meaning of Marriage Line, Types of Marriage Line, Location of Marriage Line, Effects of Marriage Line on your life, and much more. 

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Who doesn’t want to know about Who will they get married to, what will be their love status, whether will it be an arranged marriage or a love marriage, till what age one gets married, and so many questions? You also must’ve thought about one of the questions above. But do you know, your palm can answer each one of your questions? 

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You must’ve seen a few lines on your palm, some people only have major line such as Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, Marriage Line, or Fate Line. While few people have so many fine lines on their palms. Every line has a different meaning related to your life. Before digging into one of the major lines, first clear the concept of Palm reading.

Palm Reading or Palmistry is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of your palm. This study is also known as palm readingchiromancychirology or chirology.  The practice of palm reading is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Those who practice palmistry are generally called palmistshand readershand analysts, or chirologists.

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Let’s Dive Right into the Marriage Line Hand and the types of Marriage Lines in Hand. 


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Marriage Line in Hand is one of the major lines in palmistry. It can not only predict when will you get married but can also reveal your status towards love or marriage at different stages of life.

Marriage Line in Palmistry

The length, shape, forks, islands, chains, and numbers of the line reveal different meanings for your marriage life. Follow the analysis below to find out what your marriage line stands for. Please don’t be upset if you find the line is not ideal.

The line usually changes with the more you experience. No matter what kind of line you have, a sound marriage needs you to manage carefully.

Things to Remember : 

  • The clarity of the Marriage line keeps changing at different periods of time.
  • Some hands do not have a marriage line, yet marriage takes place. The reason behind this is the lines present on Venus Mount.



Location of marriage line in hand


According to Palmistry, things related to married life can be known through the marriage-related line i.e. Marriage Line (Palm Reading Marriage Line) in the palm of a person. Let us know where and how is the marriage line in the palm.

The location of the marriage line is on the edge of the palm between the little finger and the heart line and on the edge of the palm that is bent towards the inner part. This line is called the marriage line as well as the love line.

  • For Male – Examine Right Hand
  • For Female – Examine Left Hand

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There can be several types of marriage lines that can be seen in your palm. Every marriage line has different meanings in terms of your married life or your love life. This line can also reveal facts about your relationships before or after marriage.


i. One Marriage Line in hand indicates an early, happy marriage :types of marriage line in hand
  • A straight long & bold marriage line indicates deep and long love. It shows you are passionate, and gentle and usually have a happy family.
  • If you only have one marriage line which is deep and long, close to or touching the Sun line, it shows you could not only enjoy a happy marriage but also achieve great success in your career after marriage.


ii. Two Marriage Line in hand indicates committed relationships Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading

If there is two marriage line present in your palm, running parallel with the same length, it indicates a tortuous marriage. Also, people who separate from his/her partner for a long time and reunite usually have this kind of marriage line.

  • For those who have 2 identical marriage lines on their hand, there is a possibility of getting 2 marriages. Such a person has a lot of love for both their partners.
  • If one line is slightly shorter than the other, you may have a failed affair before a successful relationship.


iii. Three Marriage Line in hand indicates serious relationship Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading

According to some palmists, having three marriage lines on your palm indicates that you will have a very committed and serious relationship, but you will not get married to that person.

It also shows you may have a poor conception of life. You are usually talented, romantic, and passionate to the opposite partner. If you can’t utilize your wisdom, there will be troubles in your love life.

iv. Short Marriage line indicates passionless marriage Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • If your marriage line is short, it indicates that such a person is less passionate about their partner.
  • If it’s also shallow, you usually lack the patience to pursue it, and hard to fall deep when fall in love.
  • In most times, if you own this kind of line, you are likely to get married.

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v. Curved Marriage Line in HandTypes of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • A marriage line that curves downwards towards the heart line means the relationship is pulling the person downwards.
  • Consider the fingertip to be the sky and the base of the palm to be earth and gravity. The gravity pulls an object downwards. Therefore if the marriage line is deeply curving towards the heart line, it indicates the downward pull to be greater than if the marriage line curves slightly.
  • It actually means the attachment drains the person financially, emotionally, or mentally.


vi. Marriage Line Curved Upwards in Hand Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • The marriage line that curves upward towards the fingers represents a partnership that lifts or elevates the person.
  • This is not a very basic marriage line, this is considered to be rare & unique.
  • This type of marriage line can be seen on a few palms only.



vii. Forked Marriage Line in Hand indicates separation Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • If your marriage line is forked at the beginning (the beginning is closer to the edge of your palm), this may suggest that you will experience solitude before eventually finding your true love in time.
  • A fork at the start of your marriage line may also indicate that you and your partner will separate at some point, but will reunite eventually.


viii. Broken Marriage Line in Hand indicates Quarrels Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • Those who have broken marriage lines such as couples or partners are likely to argue frequently. This could lead to separation in most of the cases.
  • It is said that, the more broken your marriage line is, the more likely you are to experience frustration in your relationship. One should not jump to the conclusion that your marriage will not last long or fail.
  • Take this as a warning or an alert that you need to work more and work really hard to get this marriage to work.


ix. Island in Marriage Line in Hand indicates an interruption-


Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • It is a sign of twists and turns in your relationship. And in case the island is at the end of the marriage line, it is an indication of obstacles in a marriage. Many islands indicate unfavorable love relationships and marriage.
  • An island in your marriage could signify not only incompatibility with your partner but with their family as well.
x. Grilles in Marriage Line in Hand indicates sexual incompatibility-
Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • If you spot a crisscross pattern on your marriage line, also known as a grille, it indicates you will experience sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship. Your relationship may end in middle age.
  • If you are single and spot a grille in your marriage line, it could indicate you will have difficulty finding a partner or problems in your love relationship.


xi. No Marriage Line in Hand indicates no marriage? Types of marriage line in hand - Palm Reading


  • Some people quickly believe that they won’t fall in love, they won’t find a good life partner, or won’t get married, if they do not find a marriage line in their palm.  As I said above in this article,
  • Some hands do not have a marriage line, yet marriage takes place. The reason behind this is the lines present on your Venus Mount. 

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Palmistry can be a great way to know about the secrets of your life. But fate and karma both work together. If you do not put effort completely into anything from your side, you will not be able to take advantage of any of your fate. Whether it is about your love or marriage relationships, your career, or anything in your life.


If you want a good result out of these lines, then you have to work for it. 

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” — Dave Meurer