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Palm Reading – Heart Line Meaning in Hand

Palm Reading – also known as palmistry or chiromancy. In Palm Reading we have three major lines – Life life, heart line and head line. In this Article we will talk about the meaning of heart line, where it is located, its effects, & significances. 

The maine objective of palm reading is to evaluate a person’s character and aspects of their life by studying their palm.

Meaning of Heart Line –

In Palmistry –  the heart line is considered very important. It is said that according to the name of this line, it signifies the emotional aspect of a person in terms of love. Heart Lines also reveals about the relationship with your partner.


i. Where is Heart Line located ?

One of the major lines present on the palm is the heart line. This line can go from the bottom of the little finger to any area and can be related to any line. The end of this line is under the Jupiter mount, that is, the finger near the thumb.

Heart Line in Palmistry

It is explained in simple language that where is the heart line.

The line starting from the index or middle finger under the mount of Mercury in the Palm Reading and moving towards the Mount of Jupiter is called the heart line. A lot of information can be given about the behavior of the person from this line. This line is related to the feelings of a person.

If this line is related to the right lines then the person is considered very lucky.


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ii. Stages of Heart Line –

There are 4 stages of Heart Line –

  • From Mercury mount to Jupiter mount –Shameless, lustful, collector of defamation, talker, making public even secret things by talking nonsense One who is impatient, impatient, unstable.
  • From Mercury mount to Saturn mount – Unreliable, hypocrite, lustful, self-indulgent, sensualist, obsessed with lust and craving, middle-minded, cruel, ruthless . It is devoid of sensitivity, sentimentality and love. He is tormented by heart disease, mental distress, and suffering due to selfishness.
  • From Mercury mount to the union of middle and index finger – True idealist, passionate, philanthropist, saddened by the pain of others, serious, excellent lover, even after loving many together, satisfying everyone with his affinity, sure of kind word, everything Open, non-ostentatious, once making a relationship of affinity or love, the one who maintains it for the rest of his life.
  • Starting from Mercury mount and ending at Sun mount- Low mental essence, insensitivity, impatient, sensual, weak heart, coward, backbiter, blasphemer, faint, heart disease, blood pressure etc. possibility of diseases. Such a line is indicative of temporary affection, love and affinity. It all depends on the compatibility and unfavourability of the personal feelings of the person.



iii. Effect of Heart Line in Hand –

  • If the heart line comes out from below the root of the little finger and rises away from the fingers, passing through the middle of the Saturn – Jupiter (Shani-Guru) area and goes to the middle of the middle finger, then the person is ambitious, he gets respect even in adverse circumstances. His friends look at him with respect and respect him from the heart.
  • If the heart line is divided into three branches in the last part – one Jupiter, second Saturn, third head line is connected, then it shows failure in love relationships due to instability and ups and downs of feelings.
  • If the heart line is broken on the Mercury region or while moving forward, then love or any heartfelt emotion will be hurt in young age and the relationship will break.
  • If the heart line divides into two parts – first reaching Mars, then connecting with the head line to form a triangle, then such people forget their duty by being madly in love.
  •  If the heart line is divided into two equal lines in the last part (towards the index-middle finger), then it is an indicator of clear statement, truthfulness, deep love, kindness, extreme sensitivity, religiousness and knowledge-gluttony.
  •  The chain of the heart line is an indicator of impotence or sensory weakness.
  • If the heart line is divided into two parts and reaches the firstly,  Mars area and forms a triangle with the head line, then it is an indicator of a normal virtuous life.
  • If there are deep furrows on the heart line then there is concern.
  • If there is a triangle attached to the heart line on the middle of the palm, then it is an indicator of a normal sattvic life.
  • If the heart line is connected to the head line in any way, then the heart of the person is over the head of the brain.Such people think a lot with their brain than heart.
  • If there is a wavy line coming downwards at the end of the heart line, then there is information about female opposition, female discord, and heartfelt pain from the woman.
  • If thin lines are going down from the heart line, then there is disappointment in the love relationship and if it is going up, then success is achieved.
  • If the heart line has gone below the index finger without any defect, then such a person has a long life.
  • If the heart line surrounds the Mercury region like a semicircle, then the person is interested in occult knowledge.
  • The heart line running from one edge of the palm to the other is indicative of fiery heart emotion, fiery love and jealousy. If in such a situation, the inclination of the head line is towards the moon field, then it burns in the fire of jealousy and sorrow considering the useless imagination as truth.



 iv.   Conclusion

As earlier said, palm reading is a great way to reveal one’s personality traits and their aspects of life. It also reveals the opportunities and challenges in your life, which is a great way to prepare yourself in the best or worst.

This article was a whole information about heart line, which included the meaning of heart line in hand, the effects of heart line, its significance and the location of heart line.  Every line explained quite well and easily, and one can easily read their palm lines online.


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