Double Mind Line in hand

Palm Reading – Head Line Meaning, Location & Significance

What is head line in palm reading ? In this article, we will discuss the second major line in Palm Reading i.e., Head Line. We will discuss, its meaning, location, effects and its significance on our life.

Head Line reveals whether the person is more interested in creative work or strong in logic. The head line shows the intelligence and knowledge of a person. It also tells about a person’s character, his ideology, intelligence and discretion.

Along with this, the head line also tells in which field the person will make his career and how much name and fame he will earn in life.


Head Line in Palmistry



For Male – Examine Right Hand
For Female – Examine Left Hand


Meaning of Head Line :

The head line or mind line is the second most important line in palmistry. The head line is called the intelligence or mind line, but it also tells about emotionality. Through this line, you can know whether the person is more interested in creative works or is firm in logic.

Head Lines indicates your career field, communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge.


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i. Location Of Head Line

The head line originates from the edge of the palm between the thumb and forefinger, above the life line and below the heart line, it extends across the palm in the middle. As shown in the picture below.


Head Line in Palmistry


ii. Effect of Head Line from Various Points – 

  • According to Palm reading, if the head line is long, straight and clear, then such a person is very intelligent. Such people have good ability to think and understand.
  •  If the head line comes out clearly and bends further down from the middle part, then the person is thoughtful, visionary, virtuous and prudent.
  •  If the head line is touching the life line from the origin and the line is long, deep and innocent, then the person is sharp-witted, careful and takes sensible decisions.
  •  If the head line after coming out of the Mars area, intersects the life line and reaches the other end of the palm and ends at the Mercury or Moon area, then the person with such a line is an unstable head person.
  •  If the head line moves away from the life line and leaves the Guru area towards the Moon area, then the person is the master of a very sharp mind. such a person is bold and sharp.
  •  If the head line is inclined from the beginning, then the person becomes a writer, musician, fine artist, intelligent enthusiast.
  • When head line starts from the Saturn region, the defect of eye disease and ill-intelligent thoughts arises.
  • If the head line and the heart line are close to each other and are in this position for a long time, then it is an indicator of asthma and heart disease.
  • When it has moved from below the sun zone to the middle of the Mercury zone or the sun zone and does not cross the heart line, special success is achieved in the artistic field.
  • If this line is crooked and bent near the middle, then the money gets destroyed suddenly.
  • If there is a cross sign near it, then it is a sign of tact and promptness.



  •  If this line goes straight up to the first auspicious zone, then the person becomes successful in business and earns a lot of money.
  •  If this line is meeting a cross in the moon field, then it is an indicator of brain-trauma.
  •  If the head line is getting close to the heart line, then the person is hypocritical, cunning, selfish, angry, and egoistic.
  • If the head line first reaches the Mars area and reaches Venus touching the heart line and reaches the Buddha area, So there is a disease of the head.
  •  If the head line is inclined towards the Mercury field, is clear and flawless, then success is achieved in the field of science, knowledge and business.
  •  If this line intersects the heart line and goes towards the Mercury area after coming to the first Mars area, then the person is skilled, practical, manager, politician, shrewd and deceitful.
  • If the head-line ends on the first auspicious field and has become in two parts or in one branch and the position of one branch.
  • If there is a constellation near it, then it is an indicator of the growth of fame, merit, opulence.
  • If there is a sign of fasting, then there is pain in the eyes.
  • If there is an island below the sun’s field, then it is an indicator of eye disorder.



Double Mind Line in Hand –


According to palm reading, double mind line is found in one of the thousands of hands. It can also be congenital and can also arise in any particular part of the age.

The results of clarity and simplicity of lines are of suitable type only, but the qualities of both the lines are included in the person. This is a very fortunate position and only one gets it.

Double Mind Line in hand

i. Effects of Double Mind Line in Hand –

  • Such a person is a great scholar, great thinker, poet, writer, philosopher, artist, kind, capable of subtle analysis, philanthropist, virtuous, suffering from pain, understanding love and affinity as everything.
  • Such people are careless about money, healthy, successful, clear speaker, destroys the enemy when furious, self-respecting and knower of many arts.
  • They are soft-spoken, but do not take care of any kind of etiquette effect by telling the truth.
  •  The intimate friends of such a person are few, because the scope of his knowledge is up to the universe and subtle life waves. Because their mental level hardly matches to anybody, but the number of worldly friends is in millions.
  • If the double head line starts from the Moon or Venus area, then such person involved in relationship with many women in their and keeps everyone satisfied with modesty
  • If they make predictions by looking at a person’s character or business or by assessing the circumstances, then they prove to be true.
  • Because of these bad qualities of theirs, they get wealth and materialistic success only in vain. For this reason, in this worldly life, they have to be insulted a lot and there is a lot of conflict with relatives.



Palm reading has been considered as an integral part of Indian astrology. Astrology has its own importance since ancient times. The person who has the knowledge of reading lines can predict about their character, future, and other aspects of life.

In this article we have discussed about head line (the second major line in palm reading)- its meaning, effects on your life, location on your palm and its significance.


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