fate Line in Palmistry

Fate Line Palmistry – Palm reading

Everyone wants to know their fate and fate line opens many aspects of your life. In this Article, We will talk about Fate Line & Types of fate line, its meaning, location, significance in Palm Reading

The fate line reveals about many areas of your destiny, this line gives you an indication of education, success, financial status and authoritative. By having a good fate line, a person gets wealth, happiness and respect. Fate line also known as Luck line. 



  • For Male – Examine Right Hand
  • For Female – Examine Left Hand


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Where is fate line located in hand ?

According to palmists, a fate line can emerge from any place of the hand. If a straight line emerges from where the palm start (manibandha) and reaches directly to the middle finger, then it is called the most auspicipus fate line.

The fate line starts from the manibandha (wrist area) line on the Mount of Saturn.


fate Line in Palmistry


Effects of Fate Line in hand –


  • If the fate line is very wide or shallow, then the person has to face difficulties throughout his life.
  •  If this line comes out of the wrist and reaches the third finger or directly to the sun mount, then there is a deep reversal in the fortune.
  • If the fate line is not in the left hand, but is in the right hand, then it is a sign of making fortune through self-made effort.
  •  If it originates from the first line of the wrist and ends on the head line, then it leads a normal happy life for 35 years, after that it has to struggle hard.
  •  If the fate line starts from the Moon region and moves towards the Sun region, then the person is rich, popular, gets benefits from friends and knows art skills. Such people can earn benefit from partnership.
  • If fate line gone to Saturn area from the first line, family responsibilities have to be done there in childhood itself.
  •  If fate line originated from the Venus region, it has gone to Saturn, which has cut off life, then there is dependence in youth. Later development takes place.
  • If this line is wavy then the life of the person is uncertain.



  • Those who do not believe in luck, often this line is not found in their hands.
  • If there are small lines on the fate lines, financial troubles have to be faced.
  • If such a line emanates from Venus, then with the help of friends and relatives, there will be good fortune.
  • If the fate line going up to Saturn has come together with the life line, then luck comes from one’s own hard work.
  • If a line coming from the Moon region merges with the fate line and merges with the heart line above, then the person progresses with his qualities, even if he has to struggle hard.
  • If the fate line goes to Mount Jupiter, then a good position is attained.
  • If the fate line goes to Mercury Mount, then business success is achieved. There is success in the field of knowledge also.
  •  If the fate line is double, then there is continuous progress.
  •  If it leaves the second house of Mars and goes towards Saturn, then there is poverty in childhood and wealth in youth.
  •  If the fate line stops somewhere and some other line moves ahead, then the person comes out of a calamity and makes more progress than before.
  • If a branch has come out of the fate line and gone to the sun area, then the person gets success in the field of literature and business.
  • If the fate line has gone from Mars mount to the Sun mount, then the person creates fortune by becoming a book writer.
  • Husband’s left hand informs the wife, wife’s right hand informs the husband’s fate.
  • Due to being in the middle of the palm, this line often gets erased in the hands of those who do hard work. So in this situation it should be estimated from the left hand line.
  • If small lines coming out of Venus, Guru, Mercury – area are cutting it, then there is a hindrance in the growth of fortune.



Types of Fate Line in Hand –

i. Double fate line in hand :

If you have two fate lines on your palm, and if one of the lines starts from the moon region and if it crosses the head line and ends at the heart line, then experts reveal that the person is fortunate. If the fate line is double, then there is continuous progress.

double fate line


ii. No Fate Line in Hand :

Does no fate line indicates – you do not have lucky or prosperity ? Well, it is nothing like that, and one should not be worried about having no fate line. The lines keep changing over time so is destiny. Do not be disappointed if the fate line is not in any hand, it is even better, the results of the effort will be received without any hindrance.


No fate line in hand

iii. Broken fate line in hand :

A fate line is considered auspicious only when it moves forward without any defects. Where the fate line is broken, its importance decreases, the effect of which is also seen in money & work field. It also shows a change in career or in lifestyle in certain period of time.

broken fate line




As earlier said, palm reading is a great way to reveal one’s personality traits and their aspects of life. It also reveals the opportunities and challenges in your life, which is a great way to prepare yourself in the best or worst.

This article was a whole information about fate line, which included the meaning of fate line in hand, the effects of fate line, its significance , the location and type of fate line.  Every line explained quite well and easily, and one can easily read their palm lines online.


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