Palm Reading - Read Sun Line in Hand for Luck, Wealth & Success

Palm Reading – Read Sun Line in Hand for Luck, Wealth & Success

In palm reading, each line that is present on the palm holds a different significance. The focus of this article will be on the Sun line, which is one of the primary lines present on the palm. We will discuss the meaning of the Sun line, Location of the Sun line, the different Types of Sun line, and many other things.

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THE SUN LINE IN HAND (Location & Meaning): 


location of sun line in hand


According to palmists, a line that starts from the wrist or any part of the palm and reaches the sun mount underneath the ring finger is referred as the Sun Line. There are variations in its appearance, as it may not be visible in certain hands, while in others it may be very small or broken.

Western scholars analyze its influence on prestige, success, fame, personality, etc. In the view of ancient Indian scholars, it symbolizes the achievement of virtue, religion, wealth, and knowledge.

Additionally, the Sun Line is considered a complementary line to the Fate Line, as it has the potential to enhance the influence of the Fate Line. For instance, if someone has a favorable Fate Line but an unfavorable Sun Line or no Sun Line, it might diminish the effect of attaining recognition and achieving success in life.

In general terms, having a sun line can help you achieve success, bring fame, and gain prestige earlier than others.



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In palmistry, it is thought that the best time to see the hand is at or just after sunrise, according to Hindu belief. The circulation of blood in the hand is more in the morning than in the evening after the exhaustion of the day.

The following things should be kept in mind while looking at the hand:

  • First, examine the left hand, then examine the right hand.
  • In general, it is suggested to read the left hand for females and the right hand for males.
  • A great palm reader reads both palms.
  • Both are your own palms, and the effects of this line are equally visible in your life if you read either of your palms.


Now, let’s discuss the effects of the sun line on the hand at various stages of life.

Read Sun Line in Hand for Luck, Wealth & Success


  • “If the fate line is favorable but the Sun line is unfavorable, then one may not achieve fame despite having all the happiness in life.
  • If the Sun line originates from the Heart line, one may potentially experience fame, wealth, and success after the age of 55.
  • If the Sun line originates from the Moon Mount, then the person has intense imagination power. They are bright, have a love for literature, knowledgeable in scientific subjects, wealthy, well-respected, and a cheerful person.
  • If the Sun line extends towards the ring finger, it indicates wealth and luxuries such as vehicles, among other luxurious things.
  • If the Sun line extends from the wrist to the tip of the ring finger, which is known as the sun mount, and appears flawless, it indicates that the person is wealthy, virtuous, and religious.
  • If the Sun line emerges from the Venus area, then the person is likely to achieve success with the support of the opposite gender.
  • If the Sun line originates from the mind line, then such a person accumulates fame, prestige, wealth, and honor through their intellect. This progress typically begins after the age of 40 and continues to progress over time.
  • If the Sun line originates from the life line, it indicates that such individuals attain fame and prestige through their hard work. They possess an independent mindset, appreciate beauty and art, and are very professional.
  • If the Sun line originates from the primary Mars area or from the middle part of the palm, then such a person is strong-willed, courageous, self-assured, rebellious, free-spirited, and has a fierce nature.

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The types of Sun Line in Hand are as follows :

i. The Clear Sun Line in Hand :

sun line in palmistry


If the Sun line on the palm is straight, clean, and not intersected by any other lines, it is considered the most auspicious. When the Sun line appears like this, it indicates that the person will attain a prestigious job, gain respect in society, and achieve great recognition.

ii. The Broken Sun Line in Hand :

broken sun line in hand

If the Sun line on the palm is broken or interrupted by any other line, it reduces the positive impact derived from the Sun line. A broken Sun line indicates the potential for a lack of job growth and loss of respect.



iii. Two Sun Line in Hand :

two sun line in hand - sun line palmistry

If you have two sun lines running parallel that are not contaminated, it is considered the most auspicious. Such a sun line indicates the presence of two sources of income in life. This also suggests positive outcomes in your personal and work life.


iv. The Chained Sun Line in Hand :

chained sun line in hand - sun line palmistry


If there is a chain-like shape on the Sun line on the palm, it is not a good sign for career development. Individuals with this marking often have to work diligently to achieve their goals, and their sources of income may be unstable. Despite the appearance of a chained sun line, this does not necessarily indicate a permanent setback or failure. Instead, the chained sun line can provide an opportunity for learning, and empower you to overcome your obstacles.


v. The Wavy Sun Line in Hand :

If the Sun line on the palm does not move straight but instead curves, it is referred to as a wavy pattern. A wavy Sun line indicates creativity. People with such a sun line tend to achieve success, but they must work hard for it. They may not attain the level of success they desire.




The lines on our hands are merely a medium for predicting aspects of our lives. However, it is impossible to achieve anything without putting effort into it. If you solely rely on these lines to determine your future, it is completely worng because they only support those who believe in working hard.

To attain fame, respect, and success in life, it is not sufficient for the Sunline to be straight and clear. This line is merely an indicator. The outcome will depend on the level of dedication and hard work you put into the work you desire to pursue.